Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Joke Pirate: an exacerbating or enabling tactic used by Spinsters


Joke pirate: verb, meaning to commandeer someone else’s witty comment in order to appear funny yourself.
Being a joke pirate is a very respectable profession, only if you are not in the presence of the poor person whose joke you hijacked. Highly recommended for use on first and or second dates as you can take someone else’s hilarious story and make it your own! However, if you are the victim of such witty thievery, it is not longer funny as what you thought up or experienced is now being credited to another. One suggestion we may give in order to keep your jokes copyrighted is to say them loudly and clearly in front of your group of friends. If you are timid only your neighbor might hear and then they will shout it out before you can say “thief!” This concept is crucial to understand before you read our next post.


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