Friday, May 11, 2012

Spinsters Take Flight

I went to visit my sisters in the Midwest for a week and it was a treat. 
  • Back in the day Char: “The Midwest is boring and flat. Only cows live there.”
  • Present day Char: “The Midwest is a hip-hopp’in hipster joint.”

Here are some things I learned while on my adventure:

1. Aebleskivers are a beautiful gift to the taste buds.

They are basically Danish pancake balls that you can fill with anything you want: fresh fruit, peanut butter, cinnamon sugar... I am totally buying one of these pans and making this recipe. Nutella filled aebleskiver? Please.

2. Dancing with my 2 year old nephew to Ingrid’s Soldier is the best boy-cure imaginable.

3. Stealing my sister’s brown oxfords was a good idea.

 4. When you hang out with toddlers for a week you start eating like one.

5. If you have razor burn, don’t put a frozen bag of mixed berries under your armpits to help you sleep. You will wake up as a big smoothie.

True Story.




  1. I love nutella, so them danish cookies look fantastic!

  2. berries for a razor burn??? where did we get that idea? Silly. NUTELLA! Is great.

  3. aebleskivers have been on my to-try list for sooo long now. it sort of kills me that i still haven't tried them. hello cute brown oxfords that i wish would shrink down to my child size. hollaaaa for goldfish. is and always will be one of the best snacks ever. i'll be eating them when i'm 85.

  4. What about the chocolate covered acai berries (from Costco) aebleskivers ? Those were dood. And nast about those berries. you should have asked the nurse you were staying with what to do.

  5. Once I forgot that I had a chocolate bar sitting on my bed. I was so tired that I just jumped in bed and fell asleep. I woke up in the middle of the night covered in chocolate and thought that I had been stabbed or something it looked like I was covered in blood. Scariest thing ever.