Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Boyfriend Color Coding

How do Spinsters celebrate Valentines Day?


We wet our lips with baby Martinellis, munched down deLISH homemade sugar cookies and heart shaped pretzels along with heart shaped pizza (I know. SUPER cute)…decorated the venue to a T, caught up on everyone’s daily dramas and, naturally, color coded the boys in our life.

Wait. What?


See below photo for proof.

All the Spinsters at the party got to write down the names of the boys in their life and categorize them according to color. It looked SO cool once everyone had put their boys’ names in. Then, naturally, we poured it out on the floor and randomly picked out names and consequently the girl who wrote it had to give us the skinny on who the guy was, where they went on their date or kissed or about the break-up. Some sad parts but mostly stomach aching hilarious. Most the time at least one other girl in the room had dated/kissed the same guy.

Favorite quotes of the night?

·      Gertie: “Okay…I pulled out John Smith”
Two girls at the same time: “Oh that’s mine!” Whoops.

·      “Well long story but he was kind of an international fugitive but whatever…”

·      "…and then he got kicked out of his co-ed softball game due to anger issues and wouldn’t sit by me because he was so mad even though he had asked me on this hideous date.”

·      “…so then he refuses to take me home to get my stuff for the hot tub and cabin and I have to end up wearing his MOM’S swimsuit. Sketch.”

·      “We should have had a 'wish list' to write boys names on.”

·      “He has an unfortunate last name.”

·      “He was beautiful. Never called me again though.”

Now to close, we will end with a quote from Gertie at the end of the evening:

“Valentines Day need not be a time for wallowing as a single lass, but a day for rejoicing as a Spinster!”

Peace and Blessings to you during this romance filled time of year.

Oh, and congratulations.

You survived Valentines Day.

Go buy yourself something nice.

With you through rain, shine and awkward holidays,

Gertrude and Charlotte

 p.s. see below pics for ideas of how to throw a raging Spinster party....


  1. Well that's convenient Brooke because we love you right back.

  2. I am dying right now reliving this night haha. Sooooo much fun! You forgot one quote....

    "He kissed me then I asked him if he had a calling"

    hahaha my favorite!!

  3. I am obsessed with this. SUCH a good night. How does this blog not have 4 thousand followers?

  4. Love how I joked with you before the party that you should pull out the names from the jar and read then....and you laughed! Glad you had fun, save me some of that ice cream for later, huh!? Nice decor, where DO you live?

  5. it's weird when you look at a blog and notice that multiple people you know from multiple places also look at it. but, luckily we are all bosom buddies.

  6. I love your blog. I just started reading it today & it's hilarious!