Sunday, February 5, 2012

The Curse of the Enablers

The Enabler: noun. One or more females, who encourage boys’ lack of commitment and flippant behavior towards dating by allowing the boys to treat them, with lack of a better word, like pond scum.


Why would you, with full consciousness allow a bachelor to cuddle with you while he has his other arm around another feline?

Why would you text a boy five times in a row with zero….ZERO texts from him?

Why would you provide food and shelter for yet ANOTHER hang out for a bunch of boys who should have taken you out weeks ago?

Why would you not egg his house after he kissed you and failed to ever dial your digits again?

Why, when a boy hints at spending time together, do you proceed to plan out the entire evening complete with baked cookies and movie tickets?

We are reverenced by the presence of a spinster who gives a guy the benefit of the doubt while at the same time maintaining her classy self-respect.

This balance is something all spinsters should aspire for.

Fight the Enablers, and most importantly, fight the urge to become one yourself.

With you in this battle,
Char and Gert


  1. This is so hilarious because its so true! What is with boys wanting all the action with no commitment. Ladies hear a Spinster out and don't let him drag you along especially if he just wants to "date around" and only texts you silly nonesence with out asking you on a date? Yeah for Spinsters!

  2. yes, i will have to remember this next time i tell my grandmother why i am not asking out/chasing boys all the time.