Monday, March 5, 2012

Charlotte’s True or False Exam

This is the best kind of test because I’m about to give you all the answers.

All of the below statements are true:

  • I ate pancakes, fruit and white chocolate popcorn for my 9 o’clock dinner
  • I was at school for 13 hours today.
  • I did some serious damage on my knee dancing to             “Call Me Maybe” . In my room. By myself.
  • I was wearing hipster glasses and a little girl asked why I was dressed up as Harry Potter.
  • I used the word “hot mess” at least 19 times today
  • One time a guy I was dating told me “Char, all I want to do is cuddle you and all you want to do is eat.”

Wishing you many more open book tests,



  1. That is awesome! Especially the last one... I hope to aspire to your awesomeness some time!

  2. I am totally going to call you Harry Potter from now on.

  3. This whole entire post made me laugh! "All I want to do is cuddle you, and all you want to do is eat." Hahahah ayee, nothin' wrong with that.

  4. You and Denny with your "Call me maybe" obsession. I'll just have her give you a bandaid and it will make "you happy now!" (the previous comment was deleted due to grammatical errors...if that is a word).

  5. Hipster glasses... Harry Potter...

    What has the world come to? xD

    Haha, this post was great. :3