Saturday, March 3, 2012

Hot Mess

Hot Mess: adjective. To describe someone or something that is super awesome or super awful.

Super Awesome Hot Messes:


This amazing knot braid

Having too many beaus...

Using the excuse "strawberries are good for you"...

Super Awful Hot Messes
  • I ran into the kid from Bio that I have a phat crush on but my hair looked like a HOT MESS. And I’m talking the bad HOT MESS hair. Like 12 days worth of unwashed wispies.
  • The automatic unlock clicky thing on my keys broke. What a HOT MESS.
  • Your immune system shuts down due to its inability to fight off the overwhelming amount of HOT MESS stress caused by overlapping Humanities and Poli Sci papers.
  • When you are in the same room as an ex you are a HOT MESS. No literally. A HOT HOT mess. Your cheeks become enflamed due to jealously or a panicked need to flirt with the nearest breathing male. 

Forever on the Hot Mess Express,

Charlotte and Gertrude


  1. oh my oh my... g.clooney. I am speechless. I love this post. I am pretty much a hot mess ALL the time. It is 100% normal. I hate showering so I just don't. It solves many problems.

  2. Char you know who I am... Hot N Cold! Need I say more!