Friday, June 1, 2012

True or False: Llamas Take Taxis


Charlotte’s True or False Exam 2.0

If you are new to my True or False Exams, you know they are pretty easy. Like my last exam all of the below statements are true.

  • A huge maroon Chevy almost rear ended me as I was trying to read how many grams of fat were in each muffin on the muffin tub. Yes. I keep a tub of muffins in my car. Sue me.

  • I saw two girls walking up to a porch carrying something super huge and heavy inside a black garbage bag.  Upon closer look I saw a pair of feet sticking out of the bottom of the bag. Either  someone was getting asked to prom or the darker forces were at work. I believe the former since the bag was laughing.

  • I was on a run and a bunch of junior high boys started yelling at me to run faster. Not like a fun cat-calling kind of yell but more like a disappointed gym coach yell. Those punks need to read this.

  • I made peanut butter brownies at 8 am this morning. It’s fine.

  • My neighbor is currently using an electric saw to cut something outside. It sounds like a dying Humpback whale.

  • I take more pictures of my food than pictures of my friends.

  • While crossing the street in high school, a senior boy started drive-by flirting with me. He was craning his neck backwards towards me yelling flirtatious things, which I was happy to reciprocate,…and then he crashed his car into the car in front of him. Awesome.

Cutt'in back on the muffins,


p.s. Happy Friday!


  1. True story: I couldn't find my keys at all. I was an hour late for work...still couldn't find my keys. You have to know, my key chain is HUGE...and yes it even has a big blue sparkly bear on it (I got it from my Mom from Christmas, okay??)
    Anyway, so finally, while looking in my car, I open the glove-box for kicks and giggles.
    Oh, hey keys. Why are you in there?....

    Wishing I knew what happened last night.

    True story:
    If I ever had a hang-over, I'm pretty sure it would feel like today. Boys suck.
    So tired today.

  2. True or false: you guys just got nominated for some sort of blog award, which may or may not (but probably not) involve cake.

    True or false: I like this post superlots

  3. hahahaha i am dying thinking of that boy flirting and then crashing. that is too funny/sad.