Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Ring Ring

Let's talk about phone calls....shall we?

It is a spinster's pet peeve to see a missed call from a boy. They always call when you are in the shower, in class, or working. They NEVER call when you are sitting on your bed staring at the phone.

It is always a mystery when they call but don't leave a voice-mail. This situation causes a plethora of possibilities and raises the blood pressure of every spinster!

- Maybe he didn't even mean to call me....he probably hung up right when he heard my name on the greeting.
- Maybe he is stranded in a frozen car about to be buried by 30 tons of snow and didn't have time to leave a voice-mail!
- Maybe he wants to ask me out. But I can't call him back...that would be presumptuous...

Needless to say, this is all ridiculous and the solution is simple

leave a freakin' voice-mail!


Char and Gert


  1. maybe he just wants to see if you'll call back? or maybe he got scared and didn't know what to say in the voicemail? or maybe someone else did it to be funny? or maybe he's calling to tell you to stay away? or maybe he was going to profess his love and got nervous? you never can tell.

  2. OH man this is such a pet peeve of mine!

  3. BIGGEST PET PEEVE!!! Is it really that hard to leave a message?

  4. Know what I hate? Is when you BARELY miss the call and call them back within five seconds of them calling you and they don't answer. It's like, "What? Did you get my voicemail and then hurl your phone across the room?"